Top 10 Reasons for Stress in the Workplace

Work place stress can be very hard to handle at any time and especially in the present environment when the job market is highly competitive and there is a lot of work load.

The effects of stress are negative for companies as it leads to high rates of absenteeism and lower turnovers. It also decreases the efficiency of the workers at times and they are more prone to making errors.  Below are some causes of stress in the workplace.


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    Many employees complain that they are given a lot more to do than they can handle. The tasks should be delegated properly to different people. The pressure to finish all the work on time leads to stress.

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    Many offices have people coming in all the time or the telephone keeps ringing. Such interruptions can cause stress when an employee is trying to concentrate on his work or has to meet a deadline.

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    When a company changes its rules and procedures, the employees face a lot of difficulty. They are used to the old working ways and get confused about how to do things in a new way.

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    Unclear job description

    If an employee is not briefed about what exactly is expected of him/her, stress will increases. Unclear job descriptions and expectations pressurize an employee.

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    No feedback

    When an employee does a task, he/she is anticipating a feedback either positive or negative. If he/she is not given one, the stress level will increase and they will be unsure of their performance and the boss’s reaction.

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    Bad communication

    If there is a lack of communication in the system, it means an employee is uninformed regarding the happenings in the company. Information will come late and he/she will have less time to react which will increase stress.

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    Lack of control

    Empowering employees is very important to make them work efficiently. If an employee feels he/she has no control over what he does and makes no difference, he is bound to feel more stressed.

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    Many managers keep favorites and thus their decisions become biased. An employee will feel stressed when he/she gets to know that there is favouritism and that the chances of being promoted or being given incentives are less.

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    No appreciation

    If a person performs well, he/she should be appreciated; otherwise they will feel worthless and will not do well. It will increase their stress level as they will feel ignored.

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    Many companies are downsizing and laying off workers due to recession. This is a big threat to the employee as he/she will fear being fired.

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