How to Give Instructions to Employees

Instructing your employees clearly will help you get desired results that your organization is looking for. The instructions may be given verbally or via electronic mail. Bosses will need to have sharp communication skills to delegate work to their sub-ordinates.


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    Grab attention

    Before handing out instructions, it is important to that your sub-ordinates are aware and attentive. However, the scenario is only applied when you are holding a group discussion. In case you are mailing your sub-ordinates, you can write words such as ‘important’ in the subject, along with core instruction caption or create an alert email with a follow-up flag.

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    Give clear instructions

    Your instructions must not be vague. State your objectives clearly and make sure that the assigned task is achievable. Asking too much of your employees will not serve the purpose. Also put a certain limit on the amount of information you intend to pass out. Your sub-ordinates will overlook most of them if you have conveyed too much all at once. Explain to them why these instructions are important.

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    Show respect

    Don’t order them to follow instructions. Although your sub-ordinates may not be in a position to question you, explain the need to follow the instructions. They are likely to respond to your demands if you use polite and respectful phrases like – ‘While it is true that each one of us (including me) has faced several issues related to guidelines, topics, content etc, there is a standard we all need to uphold’ etc. Showing respect will in turn will see your sub-ordinates giving you respect and follow your lead.

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    Have two-way communication

    Always leave room for feedback or suggestions. Help your sub-ordinates in any way possible. If they don’t understand certain instructions, clarify them personally. This way the employee will feel at ease with the new instructions and guidelines.  ‘I am always available for help and if you struggle with a task you can always contact me for help’ should be your punch line.

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    Be Simple

    Use simple and uncomplicated language so the instructions are understood by everyone. Putting everything in writing will serve as a proof if your employees fail to follow your instructions. However, make sure that your message has been conveyed in the simplest way possible.

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    Keep track

    Make sure the employee know the reasons of the new guidelines and instructions. Clear any doubts now and follow up on the progress each has made after the instructions.

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