How to Annoy Your Colleagues at Work

Annoying people anywhere can be an extremely good value for your time if you are bored to death and have nothing practical to do. Contrary to what people believe, annoying people is a very constructive habit as irritating the life out of someone takes strong planning, devotion, creativity and a lot of courage – attributes that lead to a successful life. There are some people born with the ability to annoy the living daylights out of people they interact with on a daily basis. Others, just have to learn how to annoy people, be it their colleagues or family members.


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    If you are planning on annoying someone at work, bear in mind that you do not violate any sort of SOPs as the HR people at your workplace might be sad individuals and won’t have an iota of experience when it comes to actually enjoying work. As soon as you sit on your assigned work station, start moving things as to give the other people a feeling that you are actually trying to find something. Sympathisers are everywhere so if such a person asks for your help, let him help you. When that person can’t find what you are looking for (you were not looking for anything in the first place were you?) just give that person a big smile and say something like, “hey man, I got you” and start laughing like a maniac.

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    Working on stupid articles that ooze nothing but nonsense can be tiresome and irksome so you need to let loose your hair every now and then and the best way to do this is by arousing that annoying beast or orange in you. Go to a colleague who works way too much than he actually should and annoy him/her by doing something that annoys him/her the most. Start talking about nonsensical stuff with him. Out of courtesy, that person won’t say anything to you. However, keep on annoying him until he breaks.

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    Fool around the photocopy machine. Change its settings so the next time someone uses it, papers start flying around like the winds have found them.

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    People hate humming while they’re working. Hum the worst songs of all time just to make them loose their concentration.

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    Finally, the best thing that you can do is by performing the Harlem Shake. However, in order to do that dance, you need to make sure that people around you don’t touch the camera as the multinational sector is full of people getting warning letters or even their salaries held for moving the CCTV camera before doing the Harlem Shake because they did not want to be seen doing it. Refrain from touching things that don’t belong to you even if you are the greatest annoying person of all time.

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