Tips to Settling Disputes with your Co-Workers

Getting involved in conflicts at workplace is a common thing for people and it is also a routine practice that these conflicts sometimes aggravate the problems. Many people feel discomfort while working with a particular person or a specific group of people that not only disturbs the concentration of the individuals involved in the tussle but also badly affects the overall environment at the office. Many people take wise decisions and resolve their conflicts with mutual discussion which is the most effective and appropriate measure. But there are also many people who aggravate the issue by blaming on others and it ends up messing up things.

However, no matter how big or small the organisation is, conflicts always arise as people develop grudge with others because of professional rivalry or something personal. But the important thing is that these conflicts disturb the environment and create mess. If you are also having some sort of conflict with any or your colleagues and it continues disturbing your concentration at work, then you have to take certain measures to resolve the conflict on priority basis. But if you do not know how to deal with the problem, then this post is for you which will let you know how to handle such situation and make things normal.


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    First of all, you should face the person who is bothering you, otherwise the situation will remain there and you will not be able to resolve it in any way.

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    You should talk to the person face to face. Make sure you stay calm and patient during the conversation. Discuss all aspects that are creating problem between both of you.

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    The conversation should be in a friendly manner and hostility should be avoided in any case whatsoever. A friendly conversation will help in eliminating or at least reducing the conflict right away.

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    You should give importance to everything that other person says to you and try your best to understand his or her point. Evaluate whether he or she is wrong or right and then prolong the conversation accordingly.

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    Make your point clear to your colleague in a decent tone and express all of your concerns. Do not become aggressive at any point during the conversation.

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    Make sure you show flexibility in your behaviour while talking to your colleague and also try to convince him or her while staying calm.

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    If you fail to resolve the conflict by yourself, then you need to involve the supervisor or manager who will resolve the problem according to the rules and regulations of the workplace.

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