How to Maintain Safety in the Workplace

Accidents can happen anywhere, and workplaces are no exception. Even in the most casual of working environments, there is always a chance of fire, slippage and short circuiting. It is therefore necessary that there is a proper safety network in place, in accordance with all regulations. There are many ways through which an employer can ensure the safety of personal and equipment in the workplace. It may seem like a fruitless expense at the beginning, but it can actually save a company from a lawsuit and a substantial penalty, not to mention the poor reputation.


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    Cater for the Fire Hazards

    Fire is without doubt the biggest hazard at any workplace, especially those where inflammable materials are handled. There are lot of ways through which such a hazard can be prevented;

    - Ensure that there is a properly designed escape route in case of a fire. This route should be designed efficiently so that no exit is overloaded and people do not panic. This will also ensure that the rescue efforts are smooth in case there is an actual scenario.

    - Make sure that all the electric sockets are properly secured. Short circuiting is the most common culprit behind building fires.

    - Ensure a proper ventilation system in the office.

    - There should be smoke and heat detectors installed in the workplace.

    - Fire extinguisher for different classes of fires should be readily available, and the employer should ensure that there is a response team in case of actual emergency.

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    Inflammable material should be properly secured

    In normal office environment, ensure that there are no rags, loose paper and other inflammable material left unattended. In workplaces, where inflammable material handling is part of the occupation, the safety guidelines should be properly managed. For example, on board an oil tanker, the use of mobile phones, smoking, using battery charged torches and lights in the vicinity of the tanks, should be banned.

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    Place hazard signs at appropriate places

    This is a very good method to make the employees cautious.

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    Educate your employees

    The personal should be thoroughly made aware of the escape plan. Emergency exit and fire drills should be carried out at least on weekly basis, and it should be mandatory for each employee to familiarize him/herself of using various fire extinguishers.

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