How to Deal With a Problem Employee

No one wants to work with unprofessional and irritating people as they not only spoil the work atmosphere but also affect the growth of the organisation. If you own a business or you are just heading a team of professionals, it’s your responsibility to deal with a problem employee and find a proper solution.

These people reduce productivity and bring down the morale of other employees. The worst thing is that they can damage your relations with other business organisations and customers so it is very important to recognise a problem employee and resolve the issue.


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    At first, you need to identify a problem employee. It is not very hard to differentiate these kinds of people as they do not show any interest in the job. They show up late and leave early, do not meet their targets, fail to shoulder their responsibilities and give excuse all the times.

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    Try to find out the reason behind this attitude as it is possible that your employee is disturbed due to some certain reasons. In such kind situation, you should get involved and help that person to overcome his/her problem. This may bring them back on track and you can resolve the issue without taking some big steps.

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    Ask other employees about their colleague. This in-house survey can help you to understand that person’s psyche and you can suggest a remedy. Talk to the problem employee and listen with great patience. Let that person speak freely as this will make easy for you to get the insight.

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    If you feel that it is not because of any problem and your employee is just being unprofessional then a verbal warning can do the trick. Talk to that person in private and make him/her realise that this condition may lead to an unfavourable situation.
    However, do not be harsh as this is just to strike a chord. Balance the situation by highlighting positive aspects of your employee’s personality.

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    In case of zero improvement, your next step should be the first written warning after the verbal warning. You will clearly state that his unprofessional attitude is putting company’s progress in danger. Make your case strong by giving examples of unwanted behaviour. Keep the record of this notice.

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    If first warning fails to alarm your employee then dispatch second and final notice. This time you will give some deadline for improvement and declare this warning letter an ultimate wake up call.

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    If that employee is not ready to change his/her working style then you should terminate that person according to your company’s policies.

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