How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

An office is a place where a working man/woman spends nearly 9 to 10 hours per day. That is more than one third of the day and to ensure a good time one needs to be motivated. However despite trying hard, there can be some workplaces which just don’t allow you to settle and own the setup. That is the time when you should start thinking about another job.

There are many organizations which solely focus on their end results, and given the current unemployment situation, are least sensitive about the human resource management. For them, it is entirely moral, because at the end of day they are running a business, not a charity. But what they fail to realize are the small losses that creep up gradually. Such employers do not realize that productivity is directly proportional to motivation. Without motivation, you cannot make an individual give optimum performance day in and day out. Eventually your workers will start searching for other opportunities and when they leave, the money and time you invested in training them will go to waste.

Catering for your employees needs is therefore mandatory for any organization which wants to hire people for the long haul and inculcate a sense of ownership in them. That is not a difficult job and there are just a few basic things which you have to get right.


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    Be Rational

    This is perhaps the most basic and important step toward in motivating your employees. There should not be any unjustified demands for the employers. For example, your worker may not mind two to three late sittings in a month, but if you want him/her to make it a routine, then it is a problem.

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    Be interactive

    There are many bosses who just like to sit in and observe their employees and when the time comes for evaluation, they explode with a barrage of complain regarding the performance. This is just plain wrong. If you see any employee committing a mistake or not working properly, tell him/her at the spot. This will not only force the employee to be more careful, but you will be justified to reprimand him if he/she fails to reach the desired level.

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    Demand excellence, but first set an example

    You are absolutely right in demanding the best from your employees, but if you are not competent enough yourself, they will lose motivation pretty quickly. People who are in charge are supposed to lead by example. If they cannot, they should not be in charges at all.

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