How to Motivate Team Members to Achieve Goals

To motivate team members to achieve goals is one of the most important tasks of a team leader. If the team members are not motivated, they cannot deliver their best which in the end causes embarrassment and failure.

If you are looking forward to motivate your team members, you can take help from the given steps.


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    Clarify goals and expected benefits

    First of all, you have to clarify your goals which you want your team to achieve. It is very important to know where you want to see your team in the future. Furthermore, it is also essential to make your team aware of the potential benefits of a particular project so that they feel motivated about it. Generally, before doing any particular work, people seek its benefits. Therefore, you must tell your team the expected benefits related to the project in order to motivate them.

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    Explain project’s feasibility

    It is vital to make a feasibility report of your project first which you have to explain to all your team members. Keep in mind that you should never set ideal goals which are very unlikely to be achieved even with much hard work. In contrast, the goals must not be too easy to achieve. Therefore, you have to set realistic goals which can be achieved through hard work by your team members.

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    Give feedback

    You have to keep on evaluating the performance of your team members to compare the actual results with the standards (desired outcomes). After the evaluation, you must provide the necessary feedback to your team members. Furthermore, the feedback can be either positive or negative. It is to be noted that some people often avoid giving negative feedback which is not right as the studies have proven that the negative feedback (given in a courteous manner) helps to increase motivation. On the other hand, the positive feedback boosts up the morale to work even harder.

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    Give rewards for achievements

    After evaluation of the team members’ performance, it is very important to give rewards to those who have work tremendously well and have achieved their goals. It will not only boost up their morale, but it will also motivate others to perform well next time to get the reward. In addition, it helps in increasing commitment of team members towards the achievement of goals.

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