Formal Application Letter For Job

You might have some idea of what a formal application letter should look like but might not fancy your writing skills enough to write one. Not to worry, there are quite a number of people in your shoes, and to help you and others, we have created this basic example of how to write a simple but effective cover letter for a job application.

In our fictional example, a fictitious person named Fictitious M. Person is submitting an application for the post of director of sales at a company called Fictitious Hiring Company Ltd. Read on to learn how to write your winning job application by following the steps Fictitious M. Person uses to write her letter below:



  • 1


    03 Fictional Road, Figment's borough

    Fictional City

    1st January, 2016


    The Hiring Manager

    Fictional Hiring Company Ltd.

    48 Fictional Road, Figment's Borough

    Fictional City


  • 2

    Salutations and opening paragraph

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    I am writing to apply for the post of Director of Sales as advertised in The Standard newspaper of 1st January, 2015. I am a graduate of Fictional University with considerable work experience in various business and communications related roles. Please find my C.V enclosed for further details.

  • 3


    I believe I am a particularly suitable candidate for the post of Director of sales as my degree course has prepared me adequately for the essential functions of this position.

    This is in addition to my having achieved considerable experience and success in roles that require significant relational skill while I served as the student welfare officer of Fictional University’s Student Union (FUSTU), where I acquired a reputation for having a devotion to delivering results.

    I enjoy offering solutions to problems, particularly those which could significantly affect people’s lives, as is evidenced by my extensive volunteer service which you will find detailed on my C.V. I also consider myself to be a strong communicator, well organized and detail oriented.

  • 4


    I am very excited at the possibility of doing work that will have a positive impact on people’s lives, the opportunities for travel and further training, and being a part of an organization with the standards of professionalism which I believe that the Fictitious Hiring Ltd. Company offers. I thank you for your kind consideration and look forward to further communication with you.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Fictitious M. Person

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