How to Know It’s Time To Leave The Job

At every job there comes a time when you no longer feel welcome, or lose the motivation to work. Rest assured that when this happens, it is the time to leave your job or start searching for a new opportunity. There are number of indicators, which you should consider before making a serious evaluation about your role in the organization. Whenever one or more of these red flags pop up, it is the time for your to start packing;


  • 1

    When You Get Superseded for a Promotion

    This is like the mother of all alarm signs. When you get superseded for a specific position, it can happen because of two reasons, either you are incompetent in the eyes of the management or the other person is way more talented than you. Either way, irrespective of what the management says on the face, it is high time for you to realize that you have lived your life at the company and its time to move on.

  • 2

    When Your Boss Becomes A Headache For You

    Many times it happens that despite your best efforts, you are just not able to impress your boss. In this situation, it is best to start looking for another opportunity, because the chances of your boss giving you a good evaluation will stand next to zero.

  • 3

    When Work Worries You

    Every field has its stresses, but when work becomes more of a burden for you and keeps you involved all the time, it is better to call quits.

  • 4

    When Your Company is Going Down

    In case your company has been acquired by a relatively unknown entity or there has been a major round of layoff, you should start looking out for other job opportunities. Even if the new ownership of the company is known, the normal trend of all new owners is to clean the house. Before they do so, make your way our respectably.

  • 5

    When Nobody Likes You

    When people start shutting you out in their personal and professional matters, it means that they have grown tired of you and no longer trust you to deliver anything of purpose. Make your exit at that point.

  • 6

    When The Challenges Are Not Challenging

    When the scope of work does not offer any substantial challenge and every day is business as usual, then this means that your professional growth has stalled and you need to take a knee jerk action.

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