How to Fire an Employee Nicely

Laying off someone from work can be a tough ask for many bosses all over the world. This has become even more harder than it was before especially due to the ongoing financial climate with vacancies not opening up at a steady pace. The financial crisis resulted in many companies trimming down their workforce in order to balance their books and many people who used to be important members of their workplaces, were shown the door. A man who is set to be fired will definitely take the news pretty hard which is understandable. However, in order to make the fired person’s pain a bit less painful, there are many ways to break the news.

No boss in the world enjoys losing the services of most of his employees but if firing is an inevitable proposition, it should be done in a decent manner. However, if the employee is getting fired for not following the SOPs or due to some misdemeanour, it is highly unlikely that he will be given a warm sending off. The only reason why an employee should be fired nicely would largely be due to the fact that the company won’t be needing his services in the future anymore. This sort of dismissal is not the employee’s fault so making him leave with dignity is very important.


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    If a person has been a great employee and a hard working and honest person but is no more suitable for the company, it is best to take him out to lunch and talk about his own ambitions. During the discussion, if you feel that your employee’s ambitions are not compatible to that of your company’s it’s better to lay him off but not in a quick manner. Offer him to stay for a few more weeks while he searches for other jobs. And, if he finds a job, make sure that he gets a proper sending off so when in future he is asked about your company, he always gives raving reviews.

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    Not many people are willing to leave their current workplace even though they are no longer required. Letting go of such people can be tricky but doing that in a robust fashion could be detrimental to your company’s reputation in the market. So, it would be better if you give these people options they can go for before explaining them their status quo at your organisation.

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