How to Write an Employment Transfer Request

You have to send all the requests formally in writing when you are doing a job at any organisation. It is completely normal that sometimes you have to move from one place to another because of which it becomes difficult for you to carry on a job at a particular place. But, if your company has any office at place where you are planning to move, you can request for a transfer.

Writing an employment transfer request is very easily. However, there are few things which you must to keep in mind while writing the request.


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    You have to start your request letter by mentioning you name, designation and status (permanent, contractual or probation). Then, you will write the purpose of the letter that you want a transfer. It is extremely important for you to be specific. You will also have to mention the location at which you want to get transferred.

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    Then, you will have to write about your job. When you joined the company, what are your duties and responsibilities, what have you achieved or accomplished until now, you overall experience during your job about the organisation and what is commitment for the future? You have to express everything with a positive attitude.

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    Now, you have to explain that why you want to be transferred. Never consider it a usual office explanation. You have to be honest in expressing your reason, otherwise you may get a very bad response from the authorities which will not only hurt you at that point in time but it will create difficulties for you in the future too. Moreover, if you are planning to move because of your family, you have to give each and every detail about it.

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    Generally, when an employ is transferred to any other place, he retains his current designation and the same benefits. However, if there is a job opening in your company in that particular region where you are intending to move, you can also apply to fill that vacancy.

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    You will have to mention the date at which you would like to be transferred. Try to write the request well before the date on which you plan to move, it will give you a leverage to settle the things.

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    You have to end your letter with a thanking note. Don’t forget to add the word like ‘Kindly accept my request for...’.

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