How to Request Flex Time at Work

Getting flexible hours at work can be a bonus. By working different hours daily, you can reduce your work load considerably. Some people choose to do only part time jobs to have the opportunity to achieve a balance. If you are struggling to achieve a balance between work and personal life then consider following simple instructions to get flexible work hours. Of course, you will have to persuade your boss first and he is likely to evaluate your productivity before approving your request. Therefore, it is advised to maintain a good relationship with your boss to get your request approved.


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    Firstly, consider deciding what kind of flex time you are looking for. A condensed work week, alternative shift schedule and shift swap are some of the most commonly used types. Condensed work week and changed work schedules, in particular, are frequently requested in all sorts of professional environments. The employers also find it easier to accommodate such requests.

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    It is vital to make sure you are performing to your potential so the employers do not have any hesitation when approving your condensed week request.  You must determine if you are eligible to apply for a different work schedule or part time working. For those, who work on their own and do not supervise a team of employees, this technique can work for them very effectively. You must have demonstrated responsibility, efficiency and attention to detail to qualify for this sort of schedule.

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    It is recommended to prepare a written proposal explaining why you want to work on an alternative work schedule and how would you accomplish other tasks when your work hours will be reduced. Make sure your new work schedule does not clash with your other responsibilities. If this is the case, reconsider your decision to request a flexible working hours.

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    Sometimes it is a good idea to do a little research to find out how other companies are dealing with requests regarding flexible time at work. If you can show your employer that other good companies are also giving this facility to their employees, then you might give him a good reason to approve your request.

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