How to Stay Awake at Work on No Sleep

No matter you were unable to sleep while finishing up a project, stayed awake with your baby or even party all night, you are at work now and you cannot afford to sleep here. You have lot of things on the agenda and any negligence can ruin everything.

You must find a way to stay awake at work and this is not easy as lack of sleep will decrease your mental and physical ability. How to manage things? It’s certainly a tricky question and needs a detailed answer. You can handle the situation by following a couple of simple directions.


  • 1

    Splash water on your face:

    This is the most obvious yet effective technique to stay awake at work. Though, taking a shower leaves a refreshing effect on your body but it will lose its essence after a couple of hours. To avoid sleeping, you should be washing your face repeatedly. Keep splashing cold water in your eyes.

  • 2

    Set the temperature of your room:

    You must adjust your room temperature according to the weather. In the summer, you should avoid using the air conditioner as cool atmosphere will ultimately lead you to slumber. Similarly, you should avoid internal heating system in the winter as warm and cozy atmosphere will make it difficult for you to stay awake. You can have wet paper towel near your desk and pat your face after couple of minutes.

  • 3

    Drink Coffee and other beverages:

    You should increase your caffeine intake as it helps you to stay alert. In the winter, a smoking hot cup of coffee would be an ideal option whereas the energy drinks can do the same thing in the summer. You must do this before heading towards your desk.

  • 4

    Listen fast beat music:

    Music has strong effects on your mood so you should make a playlist of fast beat tracks and put them on repeat. Keep listening to these tracks and you will see a significant difference in your energy level.

  • 5

    Find the project that can keep you busy:

    You must not look for easy tasks rather try to find the project that can keep your busy all day long.

  • 6

    Get some sun:

    You must sit where sunlight is directly hitting you or at least there is enough light to keep you awake. Murky atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and ultimately you fall asleep.

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