How to Call Out From Work

Working fulltime can get hectic, especially when your employer does not offer that many annual leaves and requires you to earn those paid days off before utilising them. People just need a break sometimes from their busy schedules, which is why it is a good idea to know how to call out from work.

Using the same old excuses may not always do the trick, which is why knowing how to approach your supervisor through a phone is an invaluable skill every employee should possess. This will get you a day off and some time to rest.


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    The most common excuse is obviously the one that is used to call in sick. You do not always have to be the victim of some newly discovered illness, but bringing a child into the equation could make the situation a little more emotional for the supervisor. Something viral is good because your coworkers would obviously not want to be exposed to anything they could catch.

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    Family Issues

    Everyone has a life outside of work, which is why using family emergencies will allow you to get that extra day or two off. Make sure that you have not used the same story before like of a relative dying, unless it genuinely has occurred. Plan it out in advance and always keep a Plan B ready if needed.

    It can also be something with your children and relationship with your husband or wife. Just make sure that everyone has the story planned out in their head if anyone asks later on.

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    Home Emergency

    There can be numerous problems associated with your house like a break-in, a leaking pipe or anything that could require your direct attention to save from further problems in the future. A good way of getting out of a tight situation with your supervisor is putting it on a family member and how they are confused over something else. This can then be blamed on a false alarm the next day.

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    Prior Commitments

    Having something planned in advance like a doctor’s appointment for yourself or anyone else in your family is another good way to get out of work. Medical attention is what most people use, but education can also be a good way to call out of work if you are one of those people who are working and studying at the same time.

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