Top 10 Reasons People Get Fired

In these days of recession, the job market is not very attractive. It is very hard to get jobs, let alone well paid ones. When a person graduates, s/he wants to get into the best company. However, once you get in, the hard work begins; you have to maintain your position with integrity. In the present day and age, employers have the right to fire an employee for any legal reason, without justifying. It is a disgrace to get fired from a job because of your own wrong actions. Many people around us do get fired, and there are a few common reasons why.


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    Being absent from work often shows an irresponsible attitude. You need to make a transition from a college student to a professional. Your boss will think that you are not serious with your job and will fire you if the act continues.

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    Lack of efficiency

    At work, there are deadlines to meet and tasks to perform. If you are inefficient and make a lot of errors, it gives a very bad impression about your work ethics and performance. Your manager will take notice of you and will give you warnings which can also lead to permanent termination.

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    Late to work

    It is alright to be late once in a while. You could say that you were caught in traffic or your tire burst. However, if the practice continues on a daily basis, then you are in trouble.

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    Many a times you are given an assignment upon which other tasks are based. If you do your work late, the related tasks also suffer. This could be a problem for the whole company and they will have to get rid of you.

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    Disobeying the Boss

    It is alright to have your own personal opinion and individuality but when you are in the office, you have to listen to your boss. One doesn’t have the leverage to say no and refuse orders.

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    A workplace has many people working in the same room and sharing an office with you. It isn’t necessary to be friends with all of them but you need to be civil. Do not indulge in any sort of fights as this will be a problem for others too, and the employer can fire you on disciplinary grounds.

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    You can enjoy your drink on weekends but when it’s time to come to the office, you need to be at your best. Coming in daily with a hangover will result in inefficient work and more errors. It will gradually lead to termination.

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    Private Life

    You need to balance your private and professional life. If the boss catches you on the phone all the time with your spouse or any other family member, it can be a problem. Do not do your house chores in the office.

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  • 9

    False Resume

    Everyone wants their resume to be attractive. It may land you a good job but if anyone finds out that you lied on it, you will surely be fired.

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  • 10


    Workplace ethics are very important. Any employee found violating these (e.g. by stealing from the office) will be fired.

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