How to Avoid Mean People at Work

There are times in life when you just have to interact with people who you don’t really like to socialise with. These people are annoying and have this divine gift of making a nuisance for themselves. Almost every person who is doing a job of any kind, will have a colleague who will be annoying and mean and will always be on the lookout to making things tough for you. However, these people should not matter to you and if you do a few things, you will successfully avoid them while at work.


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    The first thing that you have to do in order to avoid all these mean people at work is to make sure that you change your path if you see them coming your way. These annoying people have a very annoying habit of showing up when you don’t want to interact with anyone. However, as you are in a professional environment, you have to do all the ‘cold shoulder related’ things in a very professional manner.

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    The next thing that you can do to move away from such people is that you give them signs that you don’t like to talk to them in a way that does not offend them but still gets your message across. Thing about mean people is that they will look out for every chance to put you in an awkward and embarrassing position. So, whenever you are having any kind of discussion with a colleague, make sure that your discussion should be in a way that the mean person you are trying to avoid, does not get to add on it.

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    If you are in line for an awesome promotion, you know that you have to make sure that you stay away from all kinds of gossips at work. There will be a mean guy or girl at your workplace who would be simmering at the prospect of you getting a promotion. That person will try his or her best to ensure that you don’t get the reward for your hard work. So, it is best that you keep a low profile during the time period leading up to your promotion. Talk to people only about general stuff that’s not really related to work. This is only because if you get to do any kind of loose talk, people who are mean with you and don’t like you, will use it against you.

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