How to Deal with a Difficult Co-Worker

While working in an office environment, it is simply impossible not to encounter difficult co-workers. These are people who either annoy you but do not know about it, or do this intentionally to irritate you. There may be a host of reasons for this behavior including professional jealousies, personal issues etc.

This type of behavior from a colleague can affect your job in a huge way; you lose focus on your work and cannot concentrate. With time, it becomes essential for a person to devise methods and strategies for dealing with such people. This article will take you through some of the most effective methods in this regard.



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    Understand the reason

    First of all, try to find a reason for the problem. Determine whether the co-worker is doing it intentionally or it is in their nature. There are many professional jealousies between colleagues in the office and you may be a victim of one.

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    Talk to the person concerned

    A good way to resolve the situation is to talk to the concerned person. You need to let the person know that you have nothing against him or her and try to resolve the issue in this way. Negotiating is the best possible solution to a problem you face.

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    Try to mind your own business

    If there is no considerable result after talking, you must try to mind your own business. Ignore anything the co-worker says; just do your work and go home. Do not get yourself involved in any discussion with the person and be to-the-point.

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    Discuss the situation with a colleague

    You can discuss the situation with a colleague whom you trust or feel is on your side. Remember, you may not be the only victim.

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    Talk to your boss

    This should be your last resort. If the situation gets out of control, talk to your boss about it. Let the boss know how your work is being affected by the behavior of the co-worker.

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