How to Test New Employees & Their Strengths

Though, companies hire those people who have required skills and experience for a specific position but it is very important to know the actual strengths and weaknesses of new employees. This is to ensure the maximum and favourable results by assigning them the right tasks.

Remember, first few days are crucial for both employer and employees as they try to assess each other and evaluate their decision of starting this work relationship. Though, testing at that time can create some problems but you can find out their strengths by employing some real-time techniques.


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    Evaluation Forms:

    The basic technique to test new employee is to formulate a survey in which you will ask the subject different questions regarding skills, experience and job responsibilities. Your employee can perform according to your expectations only if he/she is able to do a self-evaluation. You can also conduct an in-house survey in which you will ask other employees about their new colleague. However, this survey can be done a couple of weeks after the joining.

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    Ask them to give sample presentation:

    To check their verbal communication skills, you can ask them to give a demo of a formal presentation. If your employee is responsible to handle a team then check how well he/ she coordinates with the subordinates.

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    Sample business correspondence:

    After checking the verbal communication, now you will test their written communication skills. Ask them to draft some business letters for you and then read the content to determine its strengths and weaknesses.

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    Organisational skills:

    Give them a task to develop a project plan and discuss various aspects of that project. You may direct them to work alone as it will be more helpful in evaluating their working style and efficiency.

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    Managerial skills:

    Arrange different tests to check their management skills. For instance, you may give them the responsibility to organise an event with a team. This will not only help you to examine their managerial skills but also give them an opportunity to prove their worth. You may ask employee’s colleagues to give feedback on his/her conduct.

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    Gather results:

    In the end, you need to arrange your observations and assessments in a report and have a detailed meeting with your employee. Discuss their strengths and weaknesses in a friendly manner and suggest some steps to make improvements.

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