How to Get a Pay Raise without Asking

Getting a pay raise can be the most amazing thing at your job, but if you do not get one for a long time, you might lose interest in the job and think of switching to other paying opportunities.

Mostly, you expect your employer or boss to give you a salary raise without you asking them, but it is also not that unusual for the company officials to ignore you unless you make a nuisance of yourself and demand a pay raise for your valuable services.

There are several things you can do to get a boost in salary and get the employer’s attention without even having to talk to them about the issue.


  • 1

    Be proactive

    Be proactive at the job and try to do more things than you are expected to do. Remember that you are not going to get the boss’s attention merely by doing things what your coworkers are also doing. You have to make the employer pay attention to you by going the extra mile. Being proactive will also mean that you are willing to take on additional projects or task without any trouble.

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    Be a problem solver

    If you are taking keen interest in resolving crisis, problems (technical and non-technical) at work, you can put yourself in the limelight. Offer to help coworkers out, which will lessen the managers’ burden in the process and they might put in a good word for you. There will be several points in the course of your employment where you will be expected to solve a problem or problems. Take this opportunity to build your image in the eyes of superior(s).

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    Show to your boss you are a quick learner

    Your company or department may be full of competent workers and getting to the top might seem like a difficult task, but you can at least show to your superiors that you are a quick learner. Being a quick learner might not give an edge over your more experienced coworkers, but it will surely make you stand out among others.

  • 4

    Never underestimate the power of compliment

    A well-timed compliment (not flattery) can do wonders for you. A compliment should not just be limited to your boss, try to appreciate everyone else’s work. Having a nice attitude can often overshadow your lapses and mistakes. So be ready to compliment.

  • 5

    Avoid making same mistakes over and over

    If you have made a mistake at a project or task, try to avoid them in the future. You employer naturally puts your under scrutiny when you make a mistake, and repeating the same mistake over and over again can hurt your chances of getting a pay raise.

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