How to Train Employees on Customer Service

Sometimes, customer service representatives (CSR) are the only link between the company and customers. That is why it’s very important to train the employees to build a positive image of the organisation.

They must be well prepared for conflict resolution, communication and handling irate customers as any blunder from their side will directly hit your stakes. To prepare effective customer service agents you will have to design a complete training programme.

You may seek help from professional trainers but you can also do it yourself by applying a couple of simple directions.


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    First of all you need to identify what type of customers you are going to handle. Meanwhile, you should also consider the means of communication and the type of customer interaction. Your employees may have to conduct face-to-face meetings, email correspondence or telephone conversation. Design your training programme according to your requirements.

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    You must know your customers, their needs, expectations and reactions. For example, if you are a stock broker then your customers will be expecting your company to respond quickly and provide accurate information. They won’t care about formal greetings but if you are running a food chain then your CSR will have to be formal and courteous.

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    Prepare a curriculum for your trainees as this will help you to cover all the aspects in much less time. Moreover, this planning of lessons will make sure that your employees are understanding and applying these techniques.

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    Explain to your employees how important this customer service is for the company. Make them realise that they are the face of your organisation and they must have a strong relationship with customers.

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    Equip your employees with different methods of handling irate customers. Teach them how to control nerves and be calm even if the opponent says something wicked. However, make them realise that it does not mean they do not have any respect. Design a procedure so that they can file a complaint against such persons.

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    Put them into tests and observe how well they perform in this demo correspondence. Tell them their strengths and weaknesses. You may put them in real situation and ask them to handle a real customer. This will boost their confidence and they will be well prepared for any situation.

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    Make sure that it’s a two-way communication. Ask them for feedback and note their observations and suggestions to make future training classes more useful.

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