How to Communicate Change to Employees

The only thing which is constant in business is CHANGE. When there is lack of communication between boss and subordinates then such situations can trigger confusion in any organisation. That is why, it’s really important to communicate change to employees as it ensures long-term growth of the business.

As a leader, you must remain one step ahead of your team but you must not leave them far behind otherwise they will definitely lose track. Many habits die hard so you may face some resistance while changing anything in the old work culture. Take them in confidence and keep couple of important things in mind while communicating to them.


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    Know what is changing:

    First of all, you must have a clear idea about the latest change in your organisation. You must have a solid reason for this step. Try to determine what impact this change will have on the organisation and the employees. Make a list of positives and negatives of this change and then formulate your presentation on these points.

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    Take them in confidence immediately:

    You must nip gossip in the bud and take your employees in to confidence without any delay. Remember, ambiguity always gives birth to doubts which ultimately damage relationships. Do not let chaos take over your organisation. Share complete details of your plan as soon as possible.

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    Get feedback from managers:

    Before addressing the general employees, it is better to judge their reaction through supervisors or managers of your company. Have a meeting with select people and unveil the change in the organisation. If they are ready to cooperate then ask them to mentally prepare the employees. An abrupt announcement of change can make this process ineffective so you must prepare the foundation before communicating change to the employees.

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    Connect with your audience:

    The most common mistake people make is to send emails or letters about new decisions. This not the right way as it gives an impression that you fancy yourself as their master and they are supposed to just obey. You should face them and talk to them directly. Tell them why this change has been introduced and what impact this decision will have on the organisation’s growth.

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    Do not hide anything:

    Do not give an impression that you are hiding something from them. Be honest, reasonable and straight forward while addressing them. Do not play with words and make your message understandable.

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