How to Manage your Home Office as a Mother

You work from your home because you have a baby that can sit and crawl around. You need to find ways to keep your baby busy while you work. You should offer him or her a lot of choices to occupy them with and not worry if they spoil things in your home office. Know that your baby would love to clean your trash can even if you offer him/her a lot of toys to play with. It is vital to keep small stuff away from your baby and make sure they do not reach electrical outlets. Also, be patient as it is a tough job to care for a toddler while you work.


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    Home office

    Try to make your schedule according to the baby’s day. Prepare a home office so you can work and take care of your child at the same time. Work some hours in the morning before your kid takes a nap. Take time out to put the toddler down for his or her nap and work while the baby is sleeping. Give the infant lunch and let them play while you work. On the other hand, go for a walk before or after the nap so that both of you get some fresh air. After that, stop working and make dinner. You can take small breaks in order to change diapers, kissing and cuddling with the baby.

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    Baby proof your workplace

    Make sure you baby proof your home office. You can lay down a blanket if you want. Place a box of toys for the baby to play with. Know that the baby would prefer to play with office equipment rather than toys. Babies love to take pens out of boxes and play with them. Give the baby a trashcan of scrap paper in order to play with it so that you can work freely for at least 30 minutes.

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    Further instructions

    Put some play necklaces from your file handles. Your toddler would like reaching out to them and play with these. The baby would pull, chew, shake and shout. In addition to this, place some children books on the floor for the baby to see pictures or read while you can work effectively. Also, when the baby starts talking, talk right back to him or her and both of you will love these pleasurable chats.

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