How To Know You Are About To Be Fired?

There comes a time in almost every person’s career when, for some reason or another, a gulf is created between the employee and the people who hire him. Most of the times, it is the case of employee dissatisfaction, but there are also occasion when the company loses interest in a particular person. That is the time when as an employee you should be on your heels and look for every possible opportunity to switch jobs. But, the important question here is how an employee can fathom this situation properly. This is where we come in. We will details some indicator which should be enough to apprise you that the dumping act is imminent.


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    Look At the Money On Offer

    Keep a check on the salary which your contemporaries are getting. If your employer is paying you less and is reluctant to increase the monetary benefit despite of your insistence, then it is time for you to pack up. Another money related indicator is when you stop getting bonuses and raises.

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    People Don’t Like To Interact To You

    Motivation and a conducive work space is an essential part of today’s entrepreneurial culture and employers don’t like people who have the tendency to affect that environment. So, if you feel that people are hesitant talking to you and think about you as more of a jerk, then rest assured the management is taking notice and it will only be a matter of time before you face the axe.

  • 3

    You Start Getting Impossible Tasks

    The employers don’t want to look bad when they fire a person. So what they do is to create a solid reason for that. The general pattern will be that they will start giving you difficult tasks which they know you will not be able to meet. Even if you destroy your personal life to achieve them for a few days/weeks, your limits will be tested sometime and that is exactly when they will pull the trigger. So, if you start getting such feelers, it is best to start looking for new avenues.

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    Criticism Increases

    Even if somehow you manage to complete your task for an extended duration, the employers will leave no stone unturned to make your professional life a living hell. The easiest option for them will be to critically scrutinize everything you do and wait for you to snap. You should be patient, but should also start looking for other jobs.

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