How to Overcome Office Politics

Professional life is completely different from what we study in our universities as we have to face some bitter ground realities. In every organization, we witness politics, with people back-stabbing each other, and trying to dominate them. If you keep yourself completely aloof from office politics, your chances of success will be extremely thin and you may become a victim of someone else’s brutal tactics. Therefore, if you are keen to have a flourishing career, it is imperative that you learn to deal with office politics.

However, you must make sure that your efforts to overcome office politics do not hamper your performance.


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    Keep your eyes and ears open

    In order to overcome office politics, it is necessary that you observe how things are being done in your company. Keep an eye on the grouping in the office and relations of workers with their colleagues. By neglecting the importance of staying active and observing things, you will be flirting with danger. Keeping your eyes and ears open in the office allows you to anticipate trouble if it is coming, and find out if any individuals or groups of people are conspiring against you.

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    Work efficiently

    One of the best ways to deal with office politics is to perform exceptionally well. If you achieve and exceed your targets and bring more business to the organization, you will naturally gain the attention of the top management. This way, it will become increasingly difficult for others to hurt you in any way.

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    Have healthy relations with everyone

    You should try to treat everyone equally in the office, and try your best to have friendly relations with all your colleagues. You should also treat your subordinates well and try to build a very positive reputation in the organization. Never indulge yourself in backbiting about other employees because that will attract problems for you in the longer run.

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    Do not make alliances

    It is highly recommended that you do not go too far down the road of making alliances. In such a scenario, any change in management will severely hamper your growth. Make a genuine effort to remain neutral and avoid grouping.

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    Do not shy away from highlighting your accomplishments

    In order to keep your accomplishments fresh in the minds of the management, you should not feel shy and go on and highlight them every now and then.

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