How to Get Employees to Quit

Sometimes managers have to face stiff decisions such as firing non-productive employees who have been sucking up on organization like leeches. For that, you’ll have to come up with reasons, and sometimes, you can’t find a reason at all. In that case, the managers need to exhibit such an attitude which would force the employee to resign.


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    Work Overload

    Overburdening your employees with excessive tasks or projects at the same time can increase their chances of resigning from their job. An employee who is constantly under pressure to meet unreasonable workload would sooner or later decide to move to another opportunity as soon as he gets one. He or she may complain about that, but they know that they can't do much about that.

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    Disrespecting them

    Employees, especially those working at white collar jobs, would be seriously angered if you start disrespecting them in front of everyone else. This can serve as a good reason for them to leave, one that doesn't have the room for further negotiation. The employees would know that you're a hard boss to work under, and that they cannot tolerate your bossy attitude anymore, and therefore, would eventually decide to quit. The more aggressive you are with your employees, the more determined your employees will be leaving the job.

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    Ignore their problems

    Whenever an employee comes to you with some kind of trouble or a problem he or she is generally facing, all you have to is to ignore that person and act like as if you aren't listening to him because you're occupied in something else at that moment. Make them feel like as if their problems are of significance and that you really don't care what goes around with them. However, do press them when it comes to achieving targets and objectives by implying a demanding attitude.

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    Unprofessional criticism

    If your employee knows that you hold a grudge against them, he would eventually seek to look for other options. Holding a grudge against an employee would make him realize that he doesn't have much opportunity with the current organization, and no matter how productive he may be, he'll still be stuck at his current position. In order to do this, you have to your employee realize that by constantly critcising him or her on every occasion you can. This would give voice to your grudge and his or her eventual resignation.

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    Set Unreasonable deadlines

    First you assign a massive workload to your employee, and then you add the cherry on top by providing with a very short duration of time to achieve that task. These impractical conditions would tempt the employee to his eventual resignation, knowing that the tasks assigned are nearly impossible to achieve considering the current circumstances.

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    No future advancement

    Convey to your employee that he or she might not have any further opportunities for career advancement, at least not in the upcoming period of time. Don't provide anyone the opportunity to learn anything new to your  employees, leaving them frustrated.

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