How to Make a Collaboration Work

Collaboration is a key component in business environments, allowing individuals to come together and work on a collective agenda. A collaborative environment may be hard to achieve due to the diverse nature of each individual; however by making an extra effort and working on a unified agenda, one can certainly improve collaborative relationships at a workplace.


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    Look at the bigger picture

    For collaboration to work, it is essential that people share the same vision. Although personal agenda’s will exist, it must take a backseat for the greater good of the company or people as a whole. The simple example can be visualized in sports where a team is aiming to achieve success, despite the existence of personal recognition. This way people have a win-win scenario at their disposal.

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    Value others

    You must be able to value others by showing respect and regarding their opinions. It may not be necessary that you agree with their approach or ideas but allowing room will show others that you are a willing listener. That will create mutual respect between individuals where your opinion will also be respected.

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    Give your best

    It is important that you are honest and trustworthy and are willing to give your best. You own actions must signify the notion of collaboration where you are doing work with as transparently as possible. Leg-pulling, gossiping or criticizing will not serve the purpose.

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    Staying positive

    By all means, you must stay positive even if the desired results do not follow. Disagreements are common in a group environment but that should not lead to negativity.  You will need to be supportive and seek consensus when it comes to solving a particular problem.

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    Collaboration will only work if you engage yourself in the whole process of working in a group environment. Make sure you take interest in other people’s opinion and try to give feedback where necessary. Holding periodic discussion sessions will help you gauge the potential of others and assign specific tasks accordingly.

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    Show room for learning

    Ultimately, collaboration will reap the desired results if you are viewing it as a way to enhance your own knowledge and skill set. Showing flexibility, sticking to promises and handling disagreements will prove beneficial for your own personal growth.

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