Top 10 Jobs that Deserve Higher Pay

There are many jobs in the world which deserves higher pays. Although, there are many laws for minimum wages which protects the rights of the labour workers around the world, but there are certain jobs which have been overlooked by the law makers.

The salaries of individuals vary according to their level of education, experience, country, status (legal or illegal immigrant) and many other things. There are certain jobs which involved certain level of emotional labour and heavy workloads, but don’t get what they deserve as remuneration. The employers often suppress the rights of their employees which have a negative impact on the overall development of the economy at micro and macro level.


  • 1

    Freelance writer

    Freelancing has been considered as one of the most convenient and easily acquirable jobs. It is a very good job for the students who cannot find appropriate time for formal jobs as they have to manage their studies as well. Moreover, it is also quite feasible for the people who have not been able to find an appropriate job. However, the freelance writers are often exploited and don’t get pays according to their hard work.

  • 2


    Teaching is considered as one of the most respectable professional. However, the teachers often don’t receive the pays which they deserve. They are involved in emotional labour as they have to behave nicely to their students in all kinds of circumstances. But, they don’t get higher pay (especially the teachers who teach in schools).

  • 3


    Farmers work a lot on the field for the crops. Besides, they have to look after the crop at all times to keep it safe from any kind of harsh climate or insect invasion. But, they often don’t get what they deserve.

  • 4

    A sweeper works hard to clean the streets in all seasons. However, they don’t get what they really deserve.

  • 5


    Receptionist’s job involves a very high level of emotional labour as they have to behave very nicely to the visitors and clients even if they are not feeling well. But, they receive minimal salaries as compared to the other employees of the company.

  • 6


    Cashiers are involved in a very sensitive and responsible task, but they are paid very less amount of money as salary.

  • 7

    Construction worker

    A construction worker works extremely hard in all kinds of circumstances and even risks his life during the construction work. But, unfortunately he doesn’t receive higher pay.

  • 8


    Housemaids work from dawn to dusk, but they receive very less salaries.

  • 9


    A craftsman hardly receives a fair amount for his creativity and artwork.

  • 10

    Waiter or waitress

    Waiters or waitresses are involved in a job that requires a lot of patience, but they don’t receive higher pays.

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