How to Orient a New Employee

Effective orientation helps new employees integrate into a new organization with minimal difficulty. The orientation is often carried out by Human Resource personnel or the supervisor of a certain department.


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    Begin the process by ensuring that the new employee’s work area or desk is ready. If the employee has been provided a laptop or desktop, guide him through the process on how to log in (password etc). Write a welcome email to make the employee feel more comfortable.

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    Show him/her the work area. This can be done by the human resource manager or any person who will be sitting next to the new employee. With most companies having different departments, give time for introductions. The process may last days or months.

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    Begin with the basics. Your employee should have a clear understanding of a particular task. Make sure things are in place which makes it easier for him/her to get started. However, the initial few days will require familiarizing so it is important for the desk head or supervisor to guide him with limited, yet relevant information. Providing too much information will make things complex.

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    Providing examples will be the best way to go. Give samples about the intended task which will make it relatively easier for the new entrant to understand the task ahead. In most cases, the new employees will be handed a company handbook which will provide an overview of the company’s overall goals and procedures. Help him/her through it and make things interesting.

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    Avoid any negativity. Most entrants will be easy targets for old workers. While that is part and parcel of joining any new organization, make sure not to cross a certain line. If possible, go out for lunch. This will include people of a particular department.

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    Avoid dictating or picking loop holes early on. Give time to settle before asserting the need to achieve targets and company goals. If possible, segment the training on a weekly basis where you give feedback after a certain period of time. Let the new employee do things his own way before giving him pointers and instructions.

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    Get help from the other employees who have been in this scenario. This way you will be able to improve on the orientation process with the new employees.

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