How to Be Employee of The Year

Today’s corporate culture is completely different from the business traditions of the 80’s or even 90’s. Now, business organisations arrange many competitions to keep employees motivated. Though, these competitions also create rivalries among colleagues but ultimately they are very useful for growth.

There is no doubt that one needs to be super efficient and productive to be Employee of the Year. However, you do not need to push yourself hard for this honour rather you can hit the mark by doing your job with honesty. Instead of getting involved in office politics, you should follow a couple of simple directions.


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    Be professional:

    You must prove yourself worthy of this job so act professionally in all situations. Make your boss realise that you are dependable and they can bank on you. To build a positive image, you will have to show up on time, exceed or at least achieve your targets and follow all the policies of the company. The employee who is always making excuses, asking for relaxations and taking too many leaves can never be an example for others.

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    Learn to adjust:

    You must not be a rigid person rather show some flexibility and willingness to accept the changes. However, being flexible does not mean showing too much leniency that everyone can use you. Just do your assignment and stay in the good books of your supervisors.

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    Be a team leader:

    You must be welcoming enough to build a team and lead them to produce favourable results. However, do not ever dictate to them rather you should help them in getting the job done. This exercise will not only fetch respect and admiration for you but it will also transform the dull environment into a cheerful atmosphere.

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    Make prompt decisions:

    If you are heading a department then there will be a lot of decision making. That is why, it’s important to learn how to take initiatives and make prompt decisions. You can turn any situation through lateral thinking but make sure that you are confident about your decision. Moreover, if you have achieved your target then do not just sit. Try to complete other tasks that are supposed to be done in the future. Staying one step ahead of your colleagues will really help you to become Employee of the Year.

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    Be positive:

    No matter what happens, you should stay positive to turn any situation in your favour.

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