How to Improve Communication Among Employees

Barriers to communication among employees can lead to misunderstandings, affect productivity and create an unhealthy working environment.  Overcoming the gaps will ensure positivity and the desire to help the company achieve success.


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    Assess the problem

    Communication issues will vary from business to business so it is important to look into the root cause of the problem. Some employees will understand the company’s goals and requirement, while others will need personal attention. Ask the employees about their struggles, and take measures to help them out.

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    Appreciate their presence

    It is important to treat every employee equally. Recognizing their presence and work will keep their motivation levels high. While some may have added importance to the company, however, showing the rest of the staff that their work is also being valued will provide them added security. Address to the employees in general when saying ‘job well done’ etc.

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    Skill sharing cycle

    It is important not to restrict communication among employees. Some businesses discourage employees from interacting too much among themselves, but that ultimately spreads negativity. While drawing a line is always necessary, it is also essential to allow employees share ideas and skills which creates a healthy workplace environment.

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    Management's input

    The employers or owners of the company have a big role to play in maintaining and encouraging communication among employees. Arrange bi-monthly or monthly group discussions where employees can give suggestions and speak about their problems. Thinking that employees can easily be replaced will create uncertainty, where the workers will always fear losing their jobs. Remember that you have invested in advertising and training and the only way to get a return is to show considerable faith in the abilities of your employees.

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    Conduct training

    Keeping your costs in check, it is important to conduct employee training on how to improve communication among themselves. To make things simpler, offer an open-door policy where employees can interact with you. Make sure you give proper guidelines on sensitive issues such as race, culture etc.

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    Provide employee bonuses

    Bonuses always encourage your employees to give their best. However, make sure to set a uniform procedure on how to give them additional benefits. The bonuses should not be restricted to monetary gains as a company can always hold sponsored events, such as arranging company lunches, dinners or other recreational activities.

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