How to Keep Track of Customers

Customers are lifeblood of any business and keeping track of them is what helps you earn income on a regular basis. Businesses, which grow over time, know that customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction has a lot to do with the company’s approach to dealing with them. Keeping track of customers is not just about collecting their data, name and addresses, it is also about letting them know that your company is willing to make them feel comfortable with newer and better services and products.


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    Use customer management software

    If your company has to entertain a large number of customers on a regular basis, you can employ customer management software and keep track of as many customers and clients as you want.

    Usually, small businesses do not use customer-specific software as they keep track of their customers through manual record-keeping or other accounting software.

    Goldmine, being one of the popular CRM (Customer relationship management) programs, has proved its worth among big as well as small companies. CRM programs typically track down your customer’s activities with the company. All the data (phone numbers and email addresses) is put together and if the customer returns, the system can provide you with all the past transactions (client’s history).

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    Create an online mailing list

    Building an online mailing list is probably the simplest and hassle-free way to keep track of your customers. There are several companies that can do the job for you, maintain the list and follow up with the existing customers. However, you can employ mailing software that can work effectively. When you upgrade a product or launch a new service, you want to let your customers know about that. Building a mailing list makes it easy for you to collect data of customers and send messages out to them at a time, without sorting through the list.

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    Maintain a phone log

    Phone log is very helpful when it comes to keeping track of existing as well as potential customers. Phone log makes it easy for your phone operators to handle calls in a timely fashion and record the feedback from customers.

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    Build a list through promotional offers

    In order to capitalize on the market potential and lure more new customers, you can launch promotional offers. A promotional offer can by anything from a free gift to a special package of products. Have the potential customers fill out registration forms.

    Your registration form is very important as this will help you gain much-needed information about your prospective customers. The form should include the name of the customer, their address (postal), phone numbers, email address and website.

    Having completed the list of new potential customers, you can use the email software to keep them informed about what you are going to do and what product is going to be launched next.

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