How to Discipline an Employee for Tardiness

Organisations in this current day and age are much more understanding then those from yesteryear. They are flexible to their employees and know that humans have limitations. The managerial concept of ‘people first’ has revolutionised how organisation’s are managed.

However, there are certain issues that managers still must deal with and not let go of. Coming late to work or tardiness is one of them and it is an issue that has negative effects on the overall environment of the company. A boss today wants to let the employee know of his error without sounding like someone who is lecturing or being officious.

It’s a task that one must be able to perform as a boss without making the employee feel disrespected.


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    Know Company Policies

    You must know company’s policy on employee’s tardiness. Often a late arrival once in a while is not a big deal and can be let go. However, if this becomes routine for a certain employee, know what actions are to be taken and through which procedure. Do let the employee know gently that they are late even if they only do it once in a while though as a bit of discouragement from coming late from time to time is not a bad thing.

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    Talk to the Employee

    Engage the employee into a discussion about his or her late arrival. Let them know that it is not acceptable and they must be there on time as that time has been put in place for a reason. Do listen to their reasons behind being late as it could be something unavoidable and perhaps needs to be addressed.

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    Write Them In

    If the employee has violated the maximum number of late arrivals and has not paid heed to your verbal warnings, you need to write in this issue. Writing in will make it an official bit of action against the employee and they may be called to explain their actions and may be warned by the senior management not to be tardy in future.

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    Dock in Payment

    If the labour laws and company policy applies, you may take the action of docking a certain percentage of their pay every time the employee comes late. You must make sure that you are in adherence not only of the company’s policy but also the local and national labour laws as going against those laws can take the company to litigation.

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