How to End Gossip in Workplace

Gossiping is a very rude habit. It is mostly based on lies or half truths which are exaggerated as the story is passed on. Halting gossip in a workplace is one of the most daunting task of managing your employees. However, there no need to be worried as with some useful tips, you can easily bring an end to gossiping at your workplace. Remember that if you do not attend to this problem, your workplace reputation and productivity will be affected.


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    Set an example

    In order to stop gossiping in the workplace, you need to set an example. You can start this with yourself and with upper-level management. In addition to this, do not listen to any gossip, and choose to ignore it. Portray a professional image  and whenever someone comes to you with a gossip, simple give him/her a shut-up call by saying you like to ignore personal issues.

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    Call a meeting to end gossip in your workplace

    You need to call a meeting of your employees in order to put an end on gossiping. Define what gossip is as some people may not realise they are gossiping. They may think of it as chatting or exchanging information. Tell your employees that gossip includes rumours which are personal and emotionally exciting. Stop them from talking about other person’s private life.

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    Make policies to stop gossiping

    It is advisable for you to make policies in order to end this problem. You can let the employees know that if they are found gossiping, they might be fired or suspended without pay.

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    Give guidelines to your employees to halt gossip

    You can give suggestions to your employees in order to avoid gossip. Tell them to walk away or ignore whenever someone wants to gossip. It is recommended to avoid the group which starts gossip (there is always one such group in every office). Remember that fires which are not fuelled, burn out quickly. Thus refrain from contacting these people. You can even complain about such people so that proper action is taken against them.

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