How to Become a Baseball Scorekeeper

Going to a baseball game can be a lot of fun for you and the whole family. However, sometimes the game can get a little slow or drawn out. Also, if your seats in the stadium are not that good, you might start to lose interest fast. Learning how to keep score at a baseball game can be quite entertaining and fun at the same time. You can easily learn how to be a baseball scorekeeper by following a few simple guidelines. Remember, keeping score at a baseball game can be complicated if you are not updated on the different players and various abbreviations used.


  • 1

    Buy a Scorecard:

    You can usually find a scorecard in the program for the game. You can use this scorecard to keep score of the baseball game that you are at.

  • 2

    Learn Abbreviations:

    Try to learn all of the abbreviations that are used in baseball. There are many abbreviations, so learning all of them are impossible. Understand the basic abbreviations for player positions and also the most commonly used ones will help you keep score during the baseball game.

  • 3

    Add Teams to the Scorecard:

    Put down the two teams that are playing against each other in the scorecard. Remember to find the line-up of both teams as well. This will help you complete the scorecard easily.

  • 4

    Enter Player Names:

    After adding the teams, start filling out the players that are on both team and are playing on that given day.

  • 5

    Be Attentive:

    While filling out the scorecard be sure to be attentive to the action on the field. You will be able to record the score as it is happening in front of you.

  • 6

    Understand the Plays:

    Understand the different plays that are occurring on the field. Know the difference between each play and the players that are involved in the action.

  • 7

    Record the Score by Innings:

    In baseball, game-play is broken down by innings. An inning is when both teams have had the opportunity to bat for a score. Be sure to note each play that occurs during the different innings.

  • 8

    Take your Time:

    Remember to not get overburdened by trying to note down everything that is going on during the baseball game. You basically want to write down the players and their role in a certain play, especially if it leads to a run. Keeping score can be an arduous task and if at first you do not get it right, take your time and do not get under pressure. You can always use the big digital board in the stadium to help you out with keeping the score.

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