How to Be a Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters are the recovery people, who produce fugitives in return for an often lucrative commission.  These fugitives can be those who miss the court hearing dates or the ones who fail to fulfill their legal bonds. The nature of this job is highly precarious and it is not everybody’s piece of cake. But, if you are someone with requisite physical skills and training, complemented by excellent inquisitive capabilities, this article will guide you on how to become a bounty hunter.


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    State Laws

    Although there is a federal law defining the rights and limitations imposed on a bounty hunter, the state laws inside the United States may wary and it is paramount to be completely abreast with them as a bounty hunter. The National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents is the central organization of such professionals and is the best source to attain any sort of information in any state. The inquisition can be made online or through a phone call. Another good option is to consult a local court house clerk, a police station or a bondsman.

    It is pertinent to mention that a bounty hunter should not only know about the laws inside the state he/she is operating, but also the adjoining states. This is necessary because as a bounty hunter, there is a high probability of you chasing fugitives into other states.

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    You should have a Clear Background

    Bounty hunting may require the use of force and firearms and you wouldn't want to do that if you are already a convicted felon. The fugitive may press charges on you if that is the case and you may end up in trouble.

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    Get a License for Carrying Firearms

    Always have a requisite license for whichever type of firearm you are carrying, or plan to carry. It may not seem like worth a exercise if you are in a state where laws allow you to carry firearms, but as a bounty hunter you may to travel nationwide and absence of a proper weapon license can put you in trouble.

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    Get certified

    Most of the states require bounty hunters to get proper certification. In this regard, you should only go for the best schools, and avoid the ones which themselves don’t have proper certification.

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