Steps To Become a Homicide Detective

Becoming a Homicide Detective can be a rewarding career if you enjoy police work and have the fortitude to handle investigating horrible crimes. Becoming a Homicide Detective can help the families of the victims get some type of closure by finding out what has happened and catching those responsible. By working hard and advancing through the ranks of the police force can help you become a Homicide Detective. Although the process to become a Homicide Detective can be a lengthy process, advancing to this level in your police career is considered to be the top slot for detectives. Meticulous attention to details and a good understanding of police investigative work will help you become a Homicide Detective.


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    Advance Your Education:

    It is a good idea to go to college or take some night courses to earn yourself an advanced degree. A bachelor’s degree is a good idea to help you fast track your way through the police force. Although patience and perseverance can also help, it is usually best to get a degree to help improve your chances.

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    Work in the Police Force:

    You will have to join the police force and work your way up to become a Homicide Detective. Be prepared to take any physical or other entry exams to join the police force. Once you get selected it could take some time to make your way up.

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    Be Patient and Work Hard:

    goes without saying that becoming a Homicide Detective can take some time within the police force. Be professional and work hard to stay in the eyes of your superiors. It is very important to be patient as many other police officers are also looking for career advancement to the status of Detective.

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    Take on Extra Work:

    By taking on extra work your superiors will definitely become impressed by your hard work and dedication to the police force. Of course do not overburden yourself and only take on enough work that you can handle. Become a star police officer and accept any type of promotions that you receive. This will hopefully help you quickly become a Homicide Detective.

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    Keep on Learning:

    Learn all that you can about police and detective work. Even though you may feel that you are constantly learning being a police officer, it is imperative to keep up the date with the latest investigative methods and procedures. By constantly learning new concepts your superiors will hopefully be impressed and promote you.

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    Stay Focused:

    As becoming a Homicide Detective can take a few years time, it is important to stay focused on your goal. Keep reminding yourself of your desire to become a Homicide Detective and work hard towards achieving it. You will see that with hard work and patience, you will move up to the rank of Homicide Detective.

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