Dixfield, Maine Travel Information Guide

Dixfield is a medium-sized town in western Maine with about 2,500 residents. Signs can be seen referring to Dixfield as “the only one”, as it is the only town or city in the world named Dixfield. The Webb River crosses through Dixfield and there is a bridge across it. The town offers a variety of stores, restaurants, and other attractions.

Dining establishments in Dixfield include a take-out restaurant and another restaurant called “Just Over The Bridge”, which has a sign advertising italian sandwiches among other foods and drinks. There is a Chinese restaurant as well, called “China One”, which allows for either take-out or eat-in purchases. The take-out restaurant offers hotdogs, icecream, and other foods. There was formerly a diner in Dixfield but it has gone out of business. There are no fast food chain outlets in Dixfield. Pizza and hamburgers are also available, and there is a business which is a combination antiques store and bakery.

Dixfield has a hardware store, gift shop, three convenience stores, gas stations, an antiques store, and a few other businesses. There is a bank near the largest convenience store and the Irving gas station. Auto repair services are available in Dixfield. There is also a small store with no sign indicating its name and a soda machine next to the front door.

Dixfield does not offer much lodging, but does have a campground. The campground has a pool, it is possible to use a canoe there, and it has a playground. A laundromat, camp store, and full hook-ups are available. Its website is located at mountainviewcampground.com. Although a large white building in Dixfield has a sign referring to it as an inn, it is no longer a lodging establishment and is rented out to businesses. More lodging is available in the towns of Wilton and Rumford.

There is also a town office, which is next to the Ludden Memorial Library, a post office, and some small parks. Not far from the town office, and on the other side of the road, there is a large wooden carving of a moose. According to the website of the area’s Chamber of Commerce, the carving was made by using only a chainsaw.

The nearest radio station, WTME AM-780, is located in Rumford. It broadcasts religious programming in most of the morning and CNN news in the mid/late-afternoon and night. There is a newspaper based in Rumford called the “Rumford Falls Times” which covers Dixfield, Mexico and other neighboring towns.

Nearby towns include Canton, Mexico, and Rumford. Canton is a smaller town which has several convenience stores and a few other businesses. Businesses in the town of Mexico include a Wal-Mart, a Subway sandwich restaurant, and an electronics store. Rumford is a substantially larger town which has a McDonald’s restaurant, a grocery store, an inn, and a bed & breakfast among other businesses.

More information about Dixfield can be found on the town office’s website at dixfield.org.

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