How to Become a Mystery Shopper

For some people shopping is perhaps the most important chore in life. They are unable to spend their days without going to the mall and checking out the latest trends and products that are on offer. They sometimes spend more than they should and can get into financial trouble.

However, there is one profession that when you go to a mall or a shopping centre, you get paid to make a purchase or have lunch. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. This is possible when you become a mystery shopper.

In order to be able to do this delightful job, you will have to follow a procedure. You have to act accordingly in order to become a mystery shopper.


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    Get Organised:

    The first thing to do is to get organised. Know that when you take up an assignment, you will need to give attention to detail. Make a folder and chalk out some key features that you generally notice when you go out for shopping. Also make sure that you are ready to chalk down the assignment details in a central location so that you know when and where to go.

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    There are many agencies that recruit mystery shoppers, generally on a job to job basis. Get in touch with them and get registered as a mystery shopper. They will require some information from you regarding your background and preferences. Make sure that you give all the necessary details clearly.

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    Know Your Likings:

    Know which products you prefer and will be able to evaluate better. You can add those to your preferred field though you may not always get your assignment in the desired field. It is likely that bulk of your work will be in the field of your choice. Also make sure that you let the agency using your services know that which physical locations you can work in. This is very important as you do not want to end up with assignments that you cannot reach.

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    Update Your Portfolio:

    Once you start getting your jobs, make sure that you keep on adding them to your portfolio. As you get more experienced, more such agencies will take interest in making use of your services. You will also likely going to get work in the areas of your preference as you gain more experience.

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