How to Become a Patent Lawyer

Lawyers are one of the most sought after and highly paid professionals these days. There are many domains for a law student to choose from; civil law, family law, finance law, patent law to name a few. A Patent lawyer is qualified to represent his/her clients before a patent office and deals in copyrights, infringements claims and other patent related stuff.


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    You should decide on becoming a lawyer at an early stage so that you can develop the required habits mandatory for a lawyer at a young age. The most important one of them which will help you a lot in the law program is hard work and patience to sit through long study sessions. Also work on your oratory skills and participate in speech and debate competitions throughout your school life. If your high school organizes a mock trial take part in it to judge your public speaking skills. You need to strive for excellent grades throughout your school life as decent grades will help you get admission in a better university which will then ease the way for getting admission to a better law school.

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    Get enrolled in a 4 year undergraduate program. The subjects chosen in the program do not matter in the admission process of the law school. A technical or scientific degree will surely help for a patent lawyer. Also develop good English reading and writing skills. A lot of patent lawyers have an Engineering degree and it is surely a plus point. Work hard during the course of the degree program and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 as most of the law schools have 3 as their cut-off GPA requirement.

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    Prepare hard for the LSAT( law school admission test) and try to score as high as you can. Some law schools give more credit to your degree GPA while some of them give more credit to the LSAT results. The merit list is created by combining them both together. Choose wisely; there is no need to apply to each and every law school out there. Just apply to the ones that are suitable for you and are also within your price range. After getting admission to the law school keep working hard and pass out with flying colours. Pass out the bar exam to earn your certification as a lawyer. For most other lawyers this is the last step of the journey; however, a patent lawyer has to pass another test called Patent bar exam. This test can be given by any person out there but then they will be called as patent agent and not a patent attorney.

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