How to Motivate Your Boyfriend to Get a Job

In today’s competitive world, there is always the possibility that your boyfriend may lose his job at any time. If he has, then there are several other problems that come attached with being unemployed. It becomes difficult to keep up the bills and finance things for two, especially if boyfriend is not earning anything. In case he doesn’t want to look for a job anymore, there are ways through which you can persuade him. You just have to be consistent with your motivation and the results will most definitely be positive.


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    Start off by setting a deadline date. There is a possibility that your boyfriend does not want to look for any job and you need to respect what he is going through. This deadline date can extend from one to six months, depending upon the survival of the two of you on a single income. Do not tell your boyfriend about this deadline date and simply start working on your motivational techniques from the day you hit the deadline.

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    Once the deadline date is there, start talking to your boyfriend about the issues you two are having with a single income. Moreover, explain to him about the situation at hand and how his unemployment has not been settling well with the two of you. A threat to break up with him is not the way to go about it.

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    While a break up wouldn’t be the best thing to do, refusing to pay for him is definitely the first positive step to take. Once he sees how it is becoming increasingly hard for him to survive without your support, there is a possibility that he might go out and start looking for a job.

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    Make him feel as if you are as much involved in this as he is. Every Sunday, sit down and talk to him about different jobs available. Look for the classified advertisements and search for jobs that might be suitable for him. Try to work things out and ask him to go for different job interviews at places which the two of you have agreed upon.

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    During the time you are trying to motivate him, think of another deadline date, which can extend to six to eight months. If you see that your boyfriend has not been making progress in terms of his job hunt and that deadline date has arrived, it is time for you to move on.

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