How to Become an Amazing and Inspirational Communicator

People will often tell you that there is a fine line between success and failure. What they won’t is that whenever there is a breakdown or failure in your professional or personal life, it can usually be tracked down to poor communication abilities or practices.

A communicator needs to emulate few essential qualities and traits to become successful and this is exactly what this article is all about. So if you want to lead, gain respect of people in your business and social circle; earn their trust and become a likeable personality, read on.


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    Learn to Connect

    Before your start off with whatever you want to communicate, always try to read and understand your audience. If it is already at a requisite emotional and intellectual level, it is fine to start off with your bottom line. However, if they are not, start off with something which makes them comfortable. Remember, when you communicate with others, they should be the priority, not you.

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    You must have been at a lot presentation and seminars, and would have listened to a lot of speakers. So let me ask you a question – Who do you think are the best communicators/speakers?

    They are those who have the ability to engage with the audience. You must be wondering what does that mean. This means that your presentation must be more like a conversation, which ensures keen participation from all the people involved.

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    Give an Unthreatening Impression

    Let suppose you are an expert in composite material testing and have been requested to give a detailed presentation to the mechanical engineering students of a certain university. During the lecture, there you would notice that most of the students are defensive and will shy away from asking questions that concern their intellect. In short, there will be an inherent fear which will force them into a defensive shell. As a speaker, it is your responsibility to shatter that shell. Lower your defense and make your audience comfortable so that the lines of communications can open completely.

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    They Plan Their Talk

    Great communicators never go impromptu. They always plan their presentation and know what to speak at different points within a conversation.

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    They Reinforce

    No matter how carefully you listen to a presentation, there is a high probability that you would not even retain 20 percent of it by the time it ends. This is where good communicators put their foot down. Always reinforcing and concluding the main points of discussions and their results right at the end.

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