How to Become a Master Ventriloquist

Ventriloquism has its roots in ancient times, when oracles would trick unsuspecting devotees into believing that voices were coming from spirits. In modern times, however, it is a popular form of entertainment and an art which takes a fair amount of time to perfect before ventriloquists can become good enough to start up a stand-up routine. Natural talent may help, but much like every other art, practice, passion, and perseverance are the keys to becoming a master ventriloquist.


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    Start by obtaining a ventriloquist doll/dummy. This could very well become your signature dummy and the entire act revolves around it, so pay attention to the “personality” you want to create for it, and get a suitable, good-quality doll.

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    Next, buy some books on the art of ventriloquism, and start practicing the technique of throwing your voice. The key to becoming a master ventriloquist is practice, so the more amount of time you spend on perfecting your performance, the better you will get.

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    Observe the masters. Visit the acts of master ventriloquists and watch how they go about it, and if you cannot attend shows, obtain video clips of legendary performances, and watch them carefully to see how the pros do it. Study ventriloquists who have been outstanding at what they do, such as Shari Lewis, who has won multiple Emmy awards.

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    Look into the various tricks and techniques that are used (such as the sky, level, and ground techniques), and then research these. Practice saying vowels without moving your lips, and figure out how to deal with sounds that prove difficult for ventriloquists, such as b, f, m, p, q, v and w. Learn how to replace tough words with easier ones (e.g. replace “difficult” with “hard”), and practice breathing exercises.

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    Enrol in a ventriloquist-training course. This will give you professional training and help you learn from certified trainers.

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    Once you have perfected the art, come up with good, original material, and make the presentation catchier by coordinating outfits and paying attention to styling. Do not jump into this step – only move onto this after you have perfected your ventriloquism technique.

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