How to Become a Lawyer Late In Life

It is never late in life to fulfil your dreams at a particular point. Being a lawyer does not have age limitations and if at some point in life, you desire to become a lawyer, do not hesitate, there is always room for that.

It does not matter whether you want to impress the court room with your commendable speech or you just want to face the jury, you can always become a lawyer. Most people choose this profession as they want to earn more money and there is no shame in it, you just have to make sure that your activities are in alignment with the laws and regulations.

To become a lawyer you need to fulfil a certain criteria, and it does not matter when you passed college or how long since you obtained your last degree. All you have to do is to head in the right direction and by fulfilling the criteria you can become a lawyer. You should enquire about all the prerequisites you need to fulfil as this will make things easier for you.


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    You can start your journey by applying for Law School Admission Test. To begin your journey, it is of utmost importance that you pass this test. It is a half day test and all students are required to pass it. You should prepare hard to get through this and do not forget to focus on improving your writing and reasoning. You should do a lot of practise to get grip over the analytical part as it is very time consuming and the only way to complete it is by doing a lot of practise.

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    Explore the suitable options from where you intend to pursue the law degree. You should choose wisely from all the options as from where you continue your study will have a profound impact on your professional career.

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    Once your application for the desired program has been accepted, attend the law school and complete the three year course to become a Juris Doctor Degree. This degree will make you eligible for the bar exam.

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    Appear in the bar exam. In order to become an attorney, you would have to clear the bar exam.

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    After clearing your bar exam, the only thing you need to complete the process is sworn in that you will perform your duties with complete responsibilities and in accordance with the law.

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