Steps to Become Anorexic

Becoming an anorexic is a dangerous thing but losing weight without becoming an anorexic is certainly very popular among many young girls who sometimes stop eating in order to get rid of extra weight. Anorexic is usually stays with you for life. However some doctors and physicians do claim that it is still not recommended that you stop eating in order to lose weight. Some people have a unique goal to become skinny but certainly there are ways and if you perform those tasks accordingly, that will certainly help you become skinny or anorexic.


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    Start cautiously

    To lose weight, you should start carefully and be prepared for everything you are going to achieve. Find out proper reason first and then start. If you are over-weight then also ask someone else or your close friends that whether your own observation is right or wrong and then start whatever your potential is. This will give you slight confidence to start your work routine.

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    Keep a food journal

    Becoming anorexic or in other words skinny is a good thing but you should follow certain steps to keep your effort going in right direction. This is also very interesting that during a period in which you are interested to lose weight you should keep a food journal in your pocket every time. This journal will tell you that how much a certain food item has calories. This will also help you keep everything prepared during a certain time frame.

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    Reduce calorie intake

    Reducing calories is the most important part of getting skinny. This is important that you can take advice from a medical specialist as well. Keeping a food journal is also a healthy habit as it will tell you all detail that what you are in-taking and what you should not.

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    Exercise is important

    This is also very important that you keep your exercise habits intact. It will help you greatly that while eating not enough will give you some kind of disease or any disability in future. Some girls around the world during their anorexic period do not eat and this habit can lead to death as well but if you have the habit of exercise that will reduce the chance of becoming dangerously ill.

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