How to Quit Your Job with Class

People often make the mistake of their leaving job in an unprofessional way which is strongly discouraged by the employer. Now employers take serious note of such behaviour and want their potential employees to bring the necessary documents from their recent workplace. This has forced people to quit their earlier job in a professional manner. If you want to quit your job with class then follow some simple techniques.


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    Serve the notice period

    Most employers demand that their employees serve a notice period before leaving their job. This is usually agreed upon at the time of hiring. This notice period can vary between organisations, depending upon the nature of the business and level of designation. However, it is strongly suggested that you should provide ample notice of your resignation to the employer and serve the notice period as agreed upon. If possible, you can also tell your employer that you will not leave the job until they find another suitable person for the same post.

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    Write a formal resignation

    You should do everything according to the rules and regulations that are stipulated by the company that you work for. Thus, it is important that you should write a formal resignation letter to your employer. The tone of the letter should be courteous and you should state the reason for resigning from your current post. Instead of blaming the organisation for your resignation, you should state that you have found a better opportunity and you would like to avail it.

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    Work with full potential during your notice period

    After you have tendered your resignation, it is recommended that you should properly work until the notice period. Most employees lose interest and stop working properly which not only damages the operations of the organisation but it also destroys the employee’s good will. In order to keep a positive relationship with the organisation and your colleagues, you should perform well.

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    Clean your computer or workstation

    Before leaving your job, it is recommended that you do not damage any property that belongs to the company. You should clean your computer and workstation. It is a good idea to delete any personal information or files from your office computer. Make sure to remove any personal photos or decorative items that belong to you.

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    Behave in your exit interview

    Some organisations conduct an exit interview to discuss matters with their employees. You should always properly behave and deal with the questions accordingly.

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