Tips for Job Hunting After College

The last thing you may want to do after four long years at college is jump immediately into the job hunting process, but job hunting is one of those necessary evils that has to be done. You may be able to give yourself a quick vacation after college graduation before getting started job hunting, but once you do, it should be full steam ahead. The biggest thing to remember when job hunting after college is this: the job doesn’t come to you, and all of those businesses out there have no idea who you are until you put yourself in front of their faces.

In other words, job hunting after college is not the time to rest on your laurels. You don’t have any yet! In five or ten years, yes, you may have companies competing for you based on your hard work and reputation, and you won’t have to work so hard at your job hunting. But, for now, you are one of millions of recent college graduates job hunting for that first job. You and thousands of other college grads have the same resume, with the same major and the same wonderful grade point average. And you are all out job hunting! In order to be the one to get the job, you need to be at the top of your game.

To start off job hunting, apply for anything and everything that comes along. Even if the job requires previous experience, apply! Sure, being only a college grad, you may simply get practice filling out the paperwork, but you never know when someone may be willing to take a chance on a brand new face. The person screening applications may have graduated from the same college or may be from your hometown. Don’t worry about what gets your foot in the door, as long as it’s in there.

Go on every interview. Nobody is good at interviewing for a job right out of college, but it’s part of the job-hunting process. Most people 10 years out of college will tell you it’s the worst part of job hunting. Literally, you have to sit across from someone or several people, while they ask questions and expect poignant and poised answers. The only way to get there is to practice. So, when job hunting, even if the interview is for a job you would rather not land, go to the interview.

Don’t expect the job of your dreams right out of college. First jobs are just that – first. Even if you are just out of college and you’ve been in the workforce already, your first real job is not going to be your dream job. It may be entry level. It may be far from home. It may require you work longer hours than you thought you were willing to work. But, it’s a start. And, it is a way to put an end to the job hunting!

The most important part of job hunting happens once you’ve landed your first job. Keep looking, but be loyal. Even your second job isn’t going to fall into your lap. You always need to keep your eyes open. However, you need to put in a reasonable amount of time at your first job. A quick turnover in employment will not look so great on your resume and may not bring a great recommendation from your employer.

Grab the newspaper want ads, the Internet and any connections from college you may have, and happy job hunting, college grad!

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