6 Ways to Build and Protect Your Professional Image Online

In this day and age, your online image is essentially your first impression, especially when it comes to professional and business dealings. Prospective employers and potential clients can easily look you up online and find out a lot about you before you even meet them.

So how do you steer clear of having total strangers question your professionalism and lifestyle choices? It’s pretty simple. Just follow the steps below to make sure there is nothing about you on the internet that you will regret later on.


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    Censor Your Facebook Status Updates

    Follow strict rules regarding all your social media activity, starting from your Facebook status updates. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want employers or clients to read. This includes those sentimental statements, political bashing, abusive language and updates regarding activities you wouldn’t be proud of later on.

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    Never Upload or Let People Tag You in Inappropriate Photos

    Firstly, you should always consider the implications of uploading any photo on social networks. A photo of you getting drunk and dancing with a blond girl in a night club might seem harmless to you and your friends, but not something an employer might appreciate.

    Similarly, if your friends tag you in photos you don’t want people to see, un-tag yourself and ask those friends to take the photos down. However, the best way to avoid this is to not publicly engage in activities that might be harmful to your professional image, or at least, not to get photographed while you do.

  • 3

    Do Not Join or Follow Unrelated and Inappropriate Groups, Profiles and Fan Pages

    Given how around 40% of employers are believed to look up candidates on social media, you need to be very careful who you want to associate yourself with. Unprofessional fan pages and inappropriate groups will harm your image and might even hinder your hiring.

  • 4

    Share Valuable Information and Articles Related to Your Profession

    This works in your favor and effectively shows employers and clients that you are both serious and passionate about your profession. So, instead of commenting on that meme your friend just shared or sharing that crazy video you just saw, share something useful and related to your profession.

    The same goes for Twitter, if you are on there, Tweet about stuff that relates to your industry and niche.

  • 5

    Write a Professional LinkedIn Bio and Request Recommendations

    If you are concerned about your professional image, your LinkedIn profile will count a lot. Write a great bio, list all your qualifications and start connecting with people. You should also request your existing and former colleagues to write recommendations for you.

  • 6

    Create a Portfolio Website of Your Own

    Nothing gets noticed like your own personal website. Make sure you choose a suitable domain name and setup a professional looking portfolio website that gives out some information about you and your achievements. If you have any achievements you can display, put them up on your website as well.

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