Family Creates Easy Fundraising Online, Detroit Zoo Benefits

A family has created a website styled after the Million Dollar Homepage designed by an English student.

The idea behind the site was that people or businesses could upload photos which are linked to websites provided by the person, said Joanne Giardini, whose family created the site.

“In March the Detroit Zoo, dealing with a financial crisis was in the paper and on the news often,” she said. “We’ve been circulating the zoo fundraising web site to businesses and individuals.”

Giardini said the goal is to have dozens of fundraisers going.

“The beauty of the online fundraiser is in the ease to all involved,” she wrote. “If we all just give a little and teach our kids to do so we can create huge things.”

Interested parties can go to to find out more.

Giardini said the company is a virtual billboard designed to give people web exposure while producing funds for various charities and organizations.

Everyone is welcome to buy pixel space, according to the site.

Any offensive advertising is banned and that is at the company’s discretion according to their literature.

The space you’re buying is yours permanently.

Ad space on the home page currently costs $50 for a 10 x 10 pixel space. The ad space you buy lasts for the life of the site.

No refunds are offered.

You may change the image or link you have submitted for a $10 maintenance fee per change.

The site and homepage will be online for at least five years.

Images must be the exact size you have paid for and must not be animated.

Currently the Detroit Zoo is in the top ten of sites listed on the homepage.

Companies from kids’ resale shops, to satellite providers, to scrap booking franchises are featured on the site among others.

Pixel advertising is a form of internet advertising that is increasing in popularity, say staff of the founding organization and the possibilities for fundraising with pixel ads are endless.

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