Top 100 European Women In Technology Picked By Girlsintech

You cannot deny the fact that there are far more men in the Technology industry than women, but lifting-up the visibility of women who are in the technology field can definitely encourage women to pursue a career in technology. As compared to Europe, in US, popularity of women who are associated with the technology field is pretty much established.  But in recent years things have changed a lot, hundreds of women are stepping in the field of technology in urge to fortify themselves on the equal level, as men are. is a famous network responsible for highlighting women’s role in the world of technology. The site has recently evaluated tech women from 19 countries of Europe, and finalized a list of top 100 women in tech in Europe.

The list rearranged below is unranked which is why it is in alphabetical order:

Agata Mazur: Associated with as a Co-founder & Chief Services Officer, as a Conference co-organizer, as a Co-organizer and Tech Manager.

Alisa Chumachenko : The CEO and Founder of Game Insight.

Amelie Faure: An entrepreneur and startup mentor.

Amit Knaani: Head of Product at ooVoo, independent Product Manager at babyfirst tv, Co-Founder at Vikido

Ann Marisa Freese: Director at Pure Equity Advisors

Avid Larizadeh: COO and Co-Founder of Limited

Baiba Kaskina: General Manager of SigmaNet and leads the CERT.

Barbara Labate: Co-Founder at Admobsphere srl, CEO at Risparmiosuper

Bindi Karia: VC/Emerging Business Lead at Microsoft

Caitlin Winner: Co-Founder & CPO at Amen

Catherine Barba: Founder & CEO of Malinea

Celine Lazorthes: Founder & CEO of Leetchi

Charlotta Falvin: Associated with TAT

Christine Karman: Software Developer at Zaphod BV and Associate at Stratix Consulting

Claire Houry: Board Member at GmbH, Board Member at Newsring, Board Member at Vestiaire de Copines, Board Member at BonitaSoft, General Partner at Ventech and Board Member at MXP4

Clare Reddington: Director of iShed

Claudia Helming: Managing Director at DaWanda

Colette Ballou: Account Director at Ballou PR

Constanze Buchheim: HR i-potentials recruiting social media

Crsitina Galan: Chief Financial & Legal Officer, Head of International Strategy at Bitcarrier, Co-Founder & Legal Counsel at BITCARRIER, S.L.

Deborah Rippol: Europe Coordinator at Startup Weekend

Demet Mutlu: Global Shaper at World Economic Forum founder & ceo at – DSM Grup Danışmanlık

Diana Saraceni: General Partner and Co-founder at 360 Capital Partners

Eileen Burbidge: Partner at Passion Capital, Co-founder (startup angel/advisor) at White Bear Yard and Advisor at Ambient Sound Investments

Ela Medej: Associated with Applicake, FutureSimple and Credictive

Elaine Coughlan: Founder and General Partner at Atlantic Bridge Ventures LLP

Elena Masolova: CEO at Pixonic

Elizabeth Varley: Co-Founder and CEO at TechHub

Erin Noordeloos: Director, International Security and Crisis Management at NBCUniversal, Inc.

Gali Ross: Founder and CEO at Razoss

Helen Ryan: CEO of Creganna Tactx Medical

Helena Chari: Associated with TSN ICAP

Ingrid Lunden: Co-Editor at TechCrunch

Irina Anghel: President at Romanian Innovation Ecosystem Commission, President at Harvard Club of Romania and Moldova and Member of the Representative Group at European Venture Capital Association

Jamillah Knowles: UK Editor at The Next Web, Podcast Editor at Global Voices Online, Host – Outriders for Radio 5Live at BBC and Producer at BBC

Jennifer Hicks: Contributor at and Founder at ink Communications

Jessica Powell: Chief Marketing Officer at Badoo

Joanna Shields: Responsible for social marketing of Facebook.

Jude Ower: Founder of Playmob

Judith Clegg: CEO at Takeout, a 21st Century Consultancy CEO & Founder at Venturing Unlimited Founder & CEO at The Glasshouse and Non Executive Director at Onalytica Ltd

Julana Chondrasch:  Co-Founder at Fashionism

Julie Sinnamon: Team lead of Irish-based Business Development Advisers

Juliette Bellavita: Website Manager at Condé Nast, Co-founder at and Founder & owner at

Kathryn Parsons: Co-Founder at DECODED and Co-Founder at the Scarlett Mark

Kresse Wesling: Co-Founder, Director at Elvis & Kresse

Kristin Skogen Lund: Director of Nordic activities in Telenor

Lara Rouyes: Country Manager – Président France at LivingSocial

Linda Summers: Director Marketing & Operations – Mobile at Skype

Liz Fleming: Deputy Director Venture Lab at IE Business School, Director at real effects, Mentor at StartupBootcamp and Advisor at YarakSeed

Lydia Benko: The Investment vehicle of Corporate Finance Partners

Marie Ekeland: Director at Elaia partners

Marina Tognett: CEO/Founder at Myngle Martha Lane Fox: chairman and founder at, UK Digital Champion at UK Govt, Co- founder at, Non Executive Director at Marks and Spencer, Founder and Chairman at Antigone, Non Executive Director at and Chairman at Lucky Voice

Martina Kolesnik: Associated with  Oktogo

Mel Exon: Managing Partner, BBH Labs at Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Monika Garbaciauskaite: Deputy Editor at DELFI

Moran Bar: Managing Partner & CEO at and Co-Founder & CEO at GeekMedia

Natasha Friis-Saxberg: Advisory board member at Finansforbundet, Advisory board member – digital think tank at Roskilde Festival, Founder and CEO at Gignal Mentor at Startupbootcamp, Advisory Board member at BØRNEfonden – Danish sponsor child foundation, Mentor at Seedcamp, Co-founder at NordicMeetup and Affiliated at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Nathalie Gaveau: Founder & Creative Director at Shopcade

Nathalie Massenet: Founder of Net-a-Porter, Ola Sitarska: CEO & Co-Founder at and CEO, Founder at Sp. z o.o.

Olivia Solon: Associate Editor of at Conde Nast and Freelance writer & editor at Self-Employed

Orit Hashay: Founder & CEO at Brayola

Paula Marttila: Startup Advisor, Mentor

Rachel Bremer: Partnerships Manager at Twitter

Raquel Iglesias: Co-Founder & CEO at TOTFAN Games

Rebecca Barr: Communications Director at LivingSocial

Reshma Sohoni: CEO of Seedcamp

Robin Chase: CEO of Buzzcar and co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar

Sabine Fillias: Partner at Chausson Finance

Sandra Mesonero:  Associated with Uniccos

Sara Ohlsson: Associated with DinnerHu

Sarah McVittie: Co-founder at Dressipi

Sherry Coutu: Serial Entrepreneur, Non-exec director, Angel Investor

Simone Brummelhuis: VP Europe of, premier venture accelerator and entrepreneur

Sofia Barattieri: CEO at

Sonali De Rycker: Accel Partners

Sophie Cornish: Co-founder and Managing Director at

Stephanie Kaiser: Product Lead at wooga

Sylvia Diaz-Montenegro: General Manager at Leelo

Tiina Zilliacus: Founder and CEO at Gajatri Studios Oy and CEO at Teezed Oy

Tine Thygesen: CEO and Co-founder at Everplaces, Co-founder at Founders House, Entrepreneurship group member at Danish Government (EBST), Referrer at HackFwd, Board Member at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, Board Member at Venture Cup, Mentor at Seedcamp, Mentor at StartupBootcamp and Speaker at Conferences

Tracy Doree: Co-Founder & CEO at LLUSTRE and Board Adviser at

Veerle Pieters: Freelance graphic designer under the name of Duoh!

Verena Delius: CEO of goodbeans

Verena Delius: CEO, Young Internet GmbH

Viktorija Trimbel: Managing Partner at Quantum Capital, Member, Past President (2004-2005) at Vilnius International Rotary Club and Co-founder, Past President (2000-2004) at Association of Financial Analysts (FAA)

Wendy Tan White: Advisor at Astia, Mentor at 500 Startups and Founder and CEO at Moonfruit

A little more wait is required to get the final list and find the top tech woman!

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